He watches over each of His sparrows. And He watches over me.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


We always changed the calendar together while enjoying that first cup of coffee on January 1st.  It came to be a special time between us - sacred almost - time we spent in reflection of the year past and what those blank  new year spaces might hold. We had 20 plus calendar changes - years full of life with varying amounts of laughter and tears. Then there was that last time we changed the calendar together in the nursing home after his stroke. We both knew it would be the last but neither of us could admit it at the time. Yet we expressed our thankfulness to God for the year past and gave Him our trust for the new year started - and that year it was harder than most for me.
This morning marked the ninth time of changing the calendar alone - while enjoying that first cup of coffee - remembering the laughter and the tears of these nine years passed - reflecting on what all those blank squares will hold. Many of them are already filled with doctors appointments and there is a long list of financial needs that scream for space in those squares. Yet I am still able to thank HIM for the year passed and the year yet to be...For HE is faithful to us.

And that alone is reason enough to say Happy New Year dear ones.

HE loves you so.....