He watches over each of His sparrows. And He watches over me.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Meeting

Date: October 18,2010
Time: 4:30 am
Where: Heaven
Present: God

Good Morning. I have called you all together at this early hour to tell you that my Sparrow's beloved has just suffered a stroke.  This has come as no surprise to Me. It has, however, shaken her immensely.  It is not in My plan to heal him, for his time to come home to me is
drawing near. 

The upcoming months will be most difficult for her and she will find her faith tested almost beyond measure. I, however, know she will remain faithful throughout the days ahead.

I set a plan in place several months ago to have her assigned to a position in the school directly across the street from the hospital. She will find herself working for a group of teachers who will be incredibly supportive, tolerating her ringing cell phone, last minute absences and her sometimes "foggy" days.

And, when it is time for him to leave the hospital after six weeks, I have arranged for there to be a room available at the best care center in the area. There, too, she will find a supportive and caring staff.

Although she will be greatly upset that he will need to be in a care center, it is My plan for him. There are many who will benefit from his presence there and his strong faith in Me. He will tell many about Me. In addition, I wish to have this time apart with him in order to prepare him to come home to Me.

Now for your assignments: Her safety while in her vehicle is crucial. There will be many late night and early morning trips. She will also be driving while in tears and in harsh winter weather to visit him each day. Her health is also very important. Stress will be her greatest enemy during this time.
Help will be needed to navigate through the mounds of government and insurance paperwork. Make the way easy for her when she shops for special clothing and shoes for him. I don't want her going endlessly from store to store. Protect her house from winter's storms and keep everything in proper working order. When a repair is necessary get it done quickly at minimal expense. There is a younger couple I have positioned in the house up the street who will be a great support to her, Keep an eye on them as well and let them know when it is time to check on her.  As the months go on and she is becoming increasingly weary I will lead her to online friends. At various times these friends will need a "nudge" to send her a message with a butterfly. These beautiful creatures of Mine have always been her favorite and I want her to receive many of them. I will also arrange for the butterflies to appear in her life in many different forms - on shirts of strangers and flying across the hood of her car one particularly hard day.

Shortly after the second anniversary of her beloved's passing she will hit a very low point. She will find herself in a very dark place not understanding how she got there or why, This too is in My plan.  At the urging of her physician and with My permission she will start medication to alleviate this darkness. In time she will come to see the light again and I will return her "words" to her.

That day will be October 18, 2013. On that day, three years into the future, she will sit at her keyboard and once again feel the joy and honor of sharing My words.

She will still not know what her future holds. But I know - and it is only good, as I have promised. For, as she relays how I have worked in her past, she will be reassured of how I will work in her future.

Ok, meeting dismissed. Now you know your assignments - get to work My angel armies!

And this my friends is what this verse means to me now: Psalm 91:11 For He will command His angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.

Be at peace this night dear ones, for He loves you so!



  1. This so resonated with me, I am only 2 years down the line, but as time goes, I see how much care He took to make sure the right people were at the right places at the right time and that the yoke, even when it seemed unbearable, was still light, through people, internet etc. He still does and yes, my Trust in Him has grown beyond what I would ever have imagined. I thank God that you found the words to write what He is doing in you.

  2. Oh my, this has really touched my heart! God has kept you and blessed you and will continue to do so.

    I heard a wonderful song soon after I lost my husband in Dec 2012, Whom Shall I Fear. It has become a favorite. Here are some of the lines.

    I know Who goes before me
    I know Who stands behind
    The God of angel armies
    Is always on my side
    The One who reigns forever
    He is a Friend of mine
    The God of angel armies
    Is always by my side

    Your post reminded me of this song. Your words boosted my spirit this morning.

    Thank you and God's continued blessings on you.


    1. Dear friend I too love that song! Thank you! I am blessed that these words blessed you!

  3. How precious is our Father who so carefully watches over his loved ones. I lift my heart to him in thanksgiving and praise. Your words here have touched my soul and given me new insight into his ways. Thank you for this vision.

    1. Thank you Doris! Truly humbly words for me from one whose faith I greatly admire!

  4. I was rereading this again this morning, Linda. This is so beautifully written! It shows God's care for us each step of the way! Praise God for His sovereignty in our lives!

  5. I sit here weeping as my 4 year anniversary is fast approaching. Just this week God pulled back the curtain of my life to give me a glimpse of how He had been working a year before my husband died making preparations for me after Bob's death. That glimpse has so overwhelmed me with awe and a flood of such mixed emotions. Then I read what you wrote this morning and it has pulled my curtain back even more. I have no words to thank you.

    1. Dearest Candy I am honored. Before I even thought about starting a blog, yours was one I turned to regularly for support. I am honored now that my words have ministered to you.

  6. Thank you for this writing - during my husband's illness and death, I knew I had strength that I had never felt before, knew that invisible arms were holding me up when I wanted to sink to the floor and cry like a baby, felt peace when the realization that my husband would be moving on to the promised land and I would be left here alone - but never really alone. Felt that strength again 5 month's later when I had to move my mom into an assisted living facility - difficult in itself, but I live in New York and my mom lives in Oregon, and I really hate to fly - and it took 3 trips out there to get everything done. And during all that time, God was there, not surprised by any of it. Giving me the strength and wisdom I needed when I needed it. We serve an awesome God, and I think that sometimes I forget how much He loves us and takes care of us. Thank you for the timely reminder.

  7. Thank you Karen for your kind words and sharing how God has remained faithful to you during this time.

  8. This is absolutely precious, LInda! The tears stream down my face as I read you story. Never really thought of it quite like that. ... My husband, also died after suffering a year of cancer. Three years ago... Leaving me with 7 children still at home. Yes, God gave strength. And I know that nothing surprises Him. But to hear the way you put it - the compassion, Yes, I know God loves me... but it didn't feel like it. .. So many painful things have happened with my children - and I can't understand it at all... ... You have a way with telling a story. Praise the Lord He has given you this insight. ... I have not had the 'curtains pulled back' as you ladies described it. I feel as if I am still in the forest, not quite as dark, but not really seeing the hope beyond,either. I can't imagine that God has any kind of a good plan - but I know He must, because I am still here. Your story gives me a different perspective, and a glimmer of beyond ... Thank you for sharing this very precious story. ~Blessings. ...Sheri N.

    1. Dearest sister thank you! It is so very hard to see ahead - sometimes we have to look back............