He watches over each of His sparrows. And He watches over me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Hat

     When I first met him, he was wearing a western hat much like this one -

     And he wore it well with much confidence as he conducted the square dance class I was attending.
As time went on I learned that he owned several of these and wore them all with pride - they set so perfectly upon his head - he was such a dashing sight and I fell in love with the "man who wore the hats".

     After we married and began our life together other hats became part of the collection for "the man of hats"

        The standard cap worn for yard work and especially in his woodworking shop - many colors, many different logos - some still have sawdust embedded deep in the fabric which I have chosen not to remove.

     Then there is the engineer cap - worn faithfully each time he worked on his model train layout which he was working on the night before he had that stroke that took him from me seven months later.

     And then there is this one - a bright, neon orange cap that he wore everywhere - and I mean everywhere. He didn't care that it didn't match anything and was for hunters - he said he wore it because he liked it and after a time I became used to using it as a beacon to find him in crowds - especially after he had to start using the motorized shopping carts and would end up anywhere in the store!

     So many hats, so many memories that I treasure in my heart.

     Today I undertook a long avoided project. I cleaned up and packed away all those beloved western hats. They have remained on the rack in the bedroom just as they were the day he left our home never to return - almost two years ago.

     I had been able to lovingly store the others many months ago - but for some reason I could not take down those western hats- the one he was wearing when I first met him; the one he was wearing when he kissed me for the first time; the one he was wearing on the day we married; the one he was wearing on the day we left the West Coast and came to the Midwest.......... So many memories..........

     Today it was time. Time to lovingly pack away those hats. I won't lie - it was hard - very hard. I even had to call on some dear sisters for prayer support. As I cleaned each one and wrapped it with care and placed in the box I realized I was holding a memorial - a private memorial to the man who filled my life with love for 25 years. I was honored for 25 years to have those hats on the wall and I have the memories in my heart. His beloved hats are safe now from dust and the elements, as they should be.....

     And I have realized he is safe now as well - safe from this world and the elements in it. He doesn't need those hats anymore.......

     He has a new hat now........

    A Crown of Life - bestowed upon him in the early morning hours of 5/22/11, just as promised in James 1:12.

     Enjoy your new hat my beloved - I know you are wearing it well - you deserve it!

     As this day closes I am comforted, for I too am on my way to receiving a "new hat" right here where I am in the here and now - A crown of beauty for ashes has been promised to me - I am one step closer - as are you dear ones. Be at peace this night and know He loves you so.......



  1. So very beautifully written,Linda. I could feel your heart in your words.

  2. Thank you sweet sister! I also loved a man who thrilled me with baseball caps. Miss him still.

  3. What an endearing tribute to "the man who wore the hats" ...thanks for posting; it brought many fond memories

    1. Such a treasured story about your man and his hats. My first love also wore hats. It brings back sweet memories. Thanks.

  4. Words can't really describe the agony from the complete lose,that us widows feel, when the absoulute,most important person in our lives is suddanly taken away. And the emptiness,left behind last for a lifetime....But thank you Jesus,for that crown!!!! This time of sadness,is but only for a time. WE WILL BE REUNITED,PTL.
    ...linda,thank you for sharing that beautiful story.

    1. You are most welcome dear sister. I pray peace for you in this time of sadness as we all move towards our own crowns.

  5. Found your blog from Lifeboat 2. This is simply beautiful. Such a wonderful reminder of what our beloveds experience already and what we look forward to. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh, this gave me chills at the end. I wasn't expecting the end crown. How beautiful! A wonderful story:)