He watches over each of His sparrows. And He watches over me.

Monday, April 8, 2013


     A couple of weeks ago, at the end of one of those "sad" days as the sun was fading I felt a gentle "nudge" that seemed to say - "Take your camera and go outside - and look". Well, of course there was a bit of argument with that feeling - it was still bitterly cold here in the Midwest and winter coats were still required - in addition to the fact there were some pretty hefty winds blowing. However, I listened to the prompting and took my camera and went looking. I didn't really feel like it - it had been a difficult day - in fact it had been a difficult couple of weeks. I was tired. I was lonely. I was wondering. You know "those" feelings........

     With camera in hand I wandered around the yard - there were still patches of snow scattered about

     And lots of dreary brown

     But.....just a very few short feet away I found this.....

     The first sign of the crocus my beloved planted for me years ago.....

     And this..........

     The daffodils - planted also by my beloved - he knew how much I loved these first spring flowers.........

     And now today - still beset with the "wonderings" and the "waitings" so typical of this grief journey we are all on I once again received the gentle prompt to "take your camera and go outside" - and found this.........

     And this......

    And this........

     The crocus are blooming! I would have missed them if I had not listened to that gentle voice....

They are a gentle, lovely reminder of my beloved and his care for me ......

I truly don't remember seeing them last year or the year before that.. For  I was still in that place of snow covered patches and dreary brown ground and I could not see them through my tears and pain - but they were there and they rested again throughout the winters, waiting to bloom again for me to see. How wonderful is our God who gently guided me outside to make sure I saw them this year. And told me to take my camera so I could capture the pictures and share.

And He reminds me of His word in Isaiah 35 - The wasteland will rejoice and bloom with spring crocus.........

And it will - this wasteland of grief - it will rejoice and bloom with spring crocus......

There are still days of sorrow and dreary brown - but on those days I am reminded of the spring crocus - they always bloom - always.....

A constant reminder from a loving Father that seasons come and seasons go and there will always be a Spring after the Winter.........

Your Spring is coming - maybe not today - maybe not tomorrow - but IT IS COMING....just as surely as the crocus in my yard - your Spring is coming.

For one day you will hear a strange sound and realize that it is your laughter.

For one day you will feel a strangeness about your face and notice that you are smiling.

For one day you will go to the store and not have to buy multiple boxes of tissues.

For one day you will be able to start wearing regular mascara because you are not worried about those horrid black blotches caused by it running when you cry.

And one day dear one you will experience a "memory" from the past that will give you a soft, warm feeling instead of stabbing your heart.

Yes, dear one - your Spring is coming - God has promised it - it is written in His Word -

Be at peace tonight dear one - He is readying the crocus for you - and when it is time you will truly enjoy them.- for He loves you so..........


  1. Wonderful Spring and the promise of new life. Brave hearts are encouraged and our eyes once again behold the glories of God. Thank you, Linda, for this reminder. God bless you, dear one.

  2. OH Linda, how lovely! Thank you for the reminder to listen to the still small voice. So often I hear the louder ones trying to drown Him out! The flowers are beautiful - what a treasure!
    Lovins to you sweet sister!

  3. Oh Linda, how beautiful. Your words bring hope.
    ❤, Marisol

  4. Beautiful Linda, Well Done! ~Pam Caruso

    1. Thank you all for your kind words - I am so very glad I listened and went seeking what God had for me!

  5. Superb. Wow. I've been thinking in the last few days of a possible spring-time coming in my heart. You've put words and pictures to my thoughts, and steps I can take. Thank-you.

  6. It makes me think of that verse in Song of Solomon: spring is coming and the winter will end. My grief is 14 months along, so not yet, but I will look for the little shoots in my heart that will bloom in time. Thank you!

  7. Dear sister - I stand beside you in prayer as you await your "spring" - as it is promised in His Word - it will come.

  8. Hello Linda, I am stopping by from Widows Christian Place. Just want to thank you for the beautiful words and pictures. I experienced spring not only after my grief winter but also after 2 unemployment winters.

  9. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I am so thankful for God's love and care. Its been two years since my husband went to be with the Lord and I still have those feelings of loneliness, but the are less often.